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Inland Empire Santas Photos

 Note: May 2013, June 2013, June & July 2014 are in a different video format from the others on this page.

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Quakes Game 2012

Silent Movie

Filippi's Pizza Grotto

Tom's Farm

19th Annual Santa Reunion

Coco's note: music added

May 2013

June 2013

November 2013
20th Annual Santa Reunion

June 2014

July 2014

Photos and a video for the reunion and luncheon from the OC Register  and a slideshow from the OC Weekly can be accessed from the following links:

The Orange County Register 27 January 2013
   Santas keep the jolly rolling their off season

The orange County Register 30 January 2013
   Johnson: Among 100 Santas nice is plentiful

A slideshow from The Orange County Weekly 
   Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas Post-Holiday Luncheon

Got photos?

If you have photo's of past events please feel free to  send them in & I'll post them here.