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a Chapter of FORBS
The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas

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Interested in joining our group of Real Bearded Santas?

 Requirements for joining as a Santa:  You must have a Real Beard & portray Santa.

Joining the group entails paying a one time fee of $10.00
Joining lets you vote in the groups decisions /elections.

Having a Jolly Good time.
  We get together once a month February through November for a meeting and lunch, sometimes we go to a ball game, in November we usually go to Tom's Farms dressed in our suits to have lunch and then take a walk and have lots of pictures taken by the people visiting that day. In December hopefully everyone is spreading the Joy of Christmas, in January we will attend the 20th Annual Santa reunion and luncheon.

Advice for portraying Santa.
  On such things as where you can buy a suit, belt & buckle, boots, getting your hair bleached among other things.
Job opportunities.
  Through out the year we hear of events looking for RB Santas which we pass along to the membership through email or by phone.  and sometimes during the season  we get offers we can not accept due to our bookings, so we offer them first to our members. Then others.

   Note you are always welcome to join us at an event, even without joining our group.
                                                                         Merry Christmas